We believe the future is data driven. That there are a million acres of opportunities waiting to be harvested. We are willing to get our hands dirty with your business data; pragmatic, creative and result driven.


How we help

The Data Creatives is a commercial analytics agency that helps companies turn data into profitable insights.

Finding growth opportunities based on thorough analysis of customer-, product-, online-, sensory-, transactional- or any other type of data.   Infecting your company with the fact based spirit with an earning while learning approach. Combining advanced analytics with common business sense.


We help


  • Telecom Providers; with Next Best offer modeling,  Product Mix Optimisation, Churn Modeling, Customer Value Segmentation


  • Gambling Organisations; with Marketing Automation, Churn Modeling, win-chance modeling, Yield Management


  • Online Retailers, with Product Optimisation, Marketing automation, Conversion Boosting, Data Harvesting/Web Scraping


  • Insurance Companies;  with Segmentation, marketing automation & Churn Modeling


  • Mobility Companies;  with logistic optimisation algorithms, subscription yielding


  • Marketing ;  with automated smart campaigns, forecasting, price optimisation and micro segmentation


  • Sales;  monitoring and optimising the sales funnel


  • HR; prediciting employee satisfaction and optimizing recruitment processes by using all your available (HR) and incompany data



Even if you are a completely analog company, we gladly accept the challenge to find a data-based growth opportunity for you. 

email Sanne Steegstra to find out more, or call 0031(6)12519058